"Design is my mind's refuge."

Forbicioni Studio is a company that develops products for brands and special projects for communication agencies.
Its founder, Marco Forbicioni, has 15 years of experience on concept and product development, his constant is the search for lightweight, innovative materials and production processes.

During his career, he has obtained national-international awards and he is also author of 8 patent titles, gaining numerous production experiences in the field of industrial design.

Together with his team, he has the pleasure of collaborating with prestigious brands such as: Dolce & Gabbana, Pininfarina, Deloitte, We Are Social, De Vecchi Milano 1935, Lipton, Valentino, Vatican Museums, McCann, Cattleya, Slamp, Emu, Decathlon.
Forbicioni Studio’s goal is to support companies, giving advice on each design phase, from ideas to production.

Designing constantly puts us in front of new challenges, making us feel part of a constantly evolving process aimed at improving people’s daily lives.

We are convinced that design draws inspiration from everyday life and for this reason, we always try to have curious eyes and grasp any element that can help us create something new, in terms of experience, functionality and aesthetics.

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From sketch to shelf.


    • Market & Target Understanding
    • Compliance Analysis
    • Product Benchmark
    • Design Strategy
    • Concept Generation
    • Executive Design

    • Physical Mockup
    • Technology Selection
    • Executive Prototyping
    • User Testing
    • Micro Fine Tuning
    • Rapid prototyping

    • Quality & Costs Analysis
    • Selection of Suppliers
    • Industrialization of Design
    • Production Managemet
    • Quality Control
    • Packaging


Things we care about.

We've only got one planet available, so we need to make sure our work has as positive of an impact as possible.

  • Ecologic Responsability

  • Local Enhancement

  • User Enpowerment

Our Clients